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Save Big on Reliable Fire Equipment: Browse Our Pre-Owned Selection

Fire fighting equipment is used to fight and control fires by trained firefighters at the scene of a fire. It can range from fire extinguishers, which are used to extinguish small fires at their early stages, to hydrants and sprinkler systems that help put out large-scale blazes. These items may be found on the ground or mounted in vehicles like fire trucks and rescue engines.

A person shopping for a Used fire equipment for sale will find a variety of vehicles and accessories at auctions held by government agencies, such as Municibid. These online auctions provide a convenient way for anyone to shop and purchase vehicles and equipment directly from the source, often at a fraction of its retail cost.

Another popular option for buying fire equipment for sale is to visit a local dealer or broker. These individuals specialize in selling and buying used fire apparatus. They can provide a comprehensive inventory and detailed information on each vehicle for sale, such as its condition and history. They also offer services such as NFPA 1912 refurbishment and upgrading of in-service and reserve equipment.

Some of these dealers are surprisingly large. One company, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, sells more than 500 fire trucks a year and employs about 100 people. Its facility includes a full-service mechanical rebuild and parts department, a full-scale paint shop with a 60-foot booth, a metal fabrication area, two apparatus lifts and a separate location for ambulance remounts.

Many questions remain about the Used fire equipment for sale market, including how many rigs are sold each year and to what destinations they go. Part two of this series will explore the factors that affect a used rig’s value, including its age and mileage. It will also examine how brokers and dealers can make the process easier for prospective buyers, such as by arranging financing or offering warranties.

Used fire equipment for sale – equipment from fire trucks, rescue vehicles, water pumps and more. Find used firetrucks, rescue vehicles, fire fighting tools and emergency firetruck parts on Municibid’s online auctions.

The market for used fire apparatus is self-regulated, largely driven by the need for career departments to replace older rigs and downsize as they face budgetary constraints. When a fire department decides to sell its used apparatus, the options include scrapping it for salvage, saving it as an antique, trading it in on a new purchase or selling it to a dealer or broker.

There are several different kinds of used fire apparatus for sale depending on the needs of a buyer, and each type of apparatus has a specific set of qualifications and features that need to be taken into account when shopping for a new vehicle. Some of the most popular types of apparatus sold are ladder trucks, which have long, high-reaching ladders for firefighters to use in fighting fires or rescuing people from higher-level windows and buildings.

Ambulances, which can provide fast, reliable responses to scenes of accident or disaster for medical care and transport to hospitals, are also available. Most ambulances are truck chassis with a cab like traditional pickup trucks, while some are van-style ambulances.

There are several dealers and brokers that offer used fire trucks and other emergency vehicles. These companies typically have full-service repair and maintenance shops, with in-house engine rebuilds and other mechanical repairs, metal fabrication facilities and a large parts department. They can also perform NFPA 1912-level refurbishing of fire apparatus, and they can even add the latest technology to help firefighters better respond to an incident. For example, a used firetruck can have a GPS unit to guide crews to the location of the emergency. Those types of technologies can save lives by helping to ensure that the right firefighters are sent to an accident or disaster site quickly and that they have the proper equipment and information to respond effectively.

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