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Outdoorsi – Lightweight Camping Equipment

Venturing into the backcountry, whether you’re car camping at a campground or backpacking on a multi-day trip, requires a range of equipment. Some of it simply makes your experience more comfortable, while other gear can save your life.

Because you’re carrying everything on your back while backpacking, it’s important to minimize the weight of the gear you bring. That means looking for light equipment that meets your needs and can withstand being banged around as you hike, scramble up rocks, or fall on the ground. Unfortunately, the lightest equipment tends to be the most expensive due to advanced materials and research and development costs.

The best camping equipment is not only designed to be lightweight Outdoorsi camping equipment, but also durable and easy to use. For example, this HydraPak water bag is a winner because it’s super portable, but it’s also compatible with Katadyn Vario filter so you can boil water in the backcountry. Plus it has a wide-mouth cap for pouring, or you can use the tap insert to get more controlled dispensation. And it’s a great example of Fjallraven’s classically Scandinavian attention to quality and details that make their products so good. We’re proud to carry their products.

Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or trekking in the desert, outdoor clothing is vital to keep you protected from extreme weather conditions. Designed to optimize performance, outdoor gear is lightweight and durable, with features like reflective trims and taped seams for protection against moisture and harsh environments. A universal shift toward staying healthy and slim is also fueling the growth of this market, as consumers seek to engage in adventure sports and other physical activities to stay active.

Outdoor clothing brands have been able to take advantage of these trends with a unique approach to design and technology. Many have found success by embracing sustainability as part of their mission statement and marketing, with brands like Patagonia placing green activism at the heart of their messaging. These eco-friendly initiatives are helping to drive the growth of this industry as consumers become more conscious of the environmental impact of their clothes.

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