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How to Save Money on Auto Repair and Maintenance

The average American spends $1,986 on Auto Repair and maintenance each year. These costs can add up quickly and may cause you to exceed your emergency savings limit if you’re not prepared. To help you avoid costly repairs, consider saving a small amount each month and keeping on top of your vehicle’s routine service schedule. You can also ask for a repair estimate from more than one shop to compare pricing and quality of work. If you’re unable to afford repairs outright, explore your financing options. Many repair shops and dealerships offer payment plans or financing at competitive rates, but beware of high interest charges that can add to your total expense. If your financial situation is dire, check for available low-income grants or assistance programs to help cover the cost of necessary auto repairs.

Automotive mechanics use specialized tools and equipment to diagnose problems, including a variety of electronic diagnostic devices. They must also be skilled in using software and other record-keeping systems to keep detailed and accurate repair histories and parts records. Many mechanics are certified by trade organizations, such as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), to demonstrate their competence in specific technical areas.

Choosing a reputable repair shop is essential to getting your car back on the road as soon as possible. Ask friends, family members, and co-workers for recommendations and check online reviews. Look for a shop that displays various certifications, such as the ASE seal, to verify their professionalism and credentials. Also, contact your state attorney general’s office or local consumer protection agency to see whether there are any complaints about a particular shop.

It’s important to follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. You can find this information in your owner’s manual, and the service technicians at a repair shop can usually provide you with a schedule based on the type of car you drive and its age. Be wary of repair shops that recommend services that go above and beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations, as these extra services may not be needed to keep your vehicle safe and reliable.

When a repair is complete, you should receive a detailed invoice that lists each service performed, the replacement parts, and the cost of labor. If you’re unsure about any items on the bill, ask the mechanic to explain them in more detail. Also, make sure that the invoice includes an odometer reading and the date the work was completed. If you’re unable to resolve any disagreements, you can consult your state consumer protection agency or an attorney.

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