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Fast California Land Selling Services

If you own land and wish to sell it for cash, we can help. Our California land buying services are fast, hassle free and provide you with an immediate cash sale. This enables you to avoid the time and expense of listing your property on the market and eliminates the need for expensive annual property taxes!

Selling land takes much longer than selling a home or condo because buyers are usually required to go through a more complicated process in order to organize bank financing for their purchase. This often takes years and can be a frustrating experience for people who want to sell their land fast. Our team can take all of the headache out of the selling process and close your sale in as little as 30 days.

The most common way to sell land is to use a real estate Fast California Land Selling Services agent who will list your property on the MLS and negotiate with potential buyers. This is the most expensive option but can be a good choice if you don’t have any urgency in selling your property and need someone to handle the marketing and all of the paperwork for you. If you are looking to sell your land fast, however, it is important to consider the number of days it will take to sell a lot before you decide to use an agent.

There are about 3000 privately owned land parcels in Mono County according to Data Tree and it takes an average of 191 days to sell a piece of property here. This may be due to a lack of competition or simply because the market is weak and it is taking longer than usual to sell property. In either case, it is important to price your land correctly in order to sell it quickly.

In Merced County it takes an average of 177 days to sell land. This county is a little different than most others because there are almost equal amounts of properties sold as there are listed for sale. This should mean that there is plenty of demand for land in this area, but unfortunately it seems that the supply side of the equation has not caught up to the demand and prices are too high for a quick sale. In order to sell your land fast in Merced County you need to lower your price by about 30% of the current market value in order to make it attractive to buyers.

Placer County is one of the most populous counties in the state and there are about 420,000 residents living here. There are also 28,662 vacant land lots under private ownership according to Data Tree and it takes an average 158 days to sell a piece of property here. Again, like other rural areas, it is important to price your land correctly to sell it quickly. Be sure to market it on all of the online platforms including Zillow, FB Marketplace and Craigslist.

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